MSP and Punjab

MSP is the minimum cost price of a crop at which government agency FCI procures the crop from farmers. MSP is only given on wheat and rice, however it is declared for all 23 crops.

For the analysis we will only consider MSP of wheat and the farmers of Punjab because Punjab and Haryana farmers are main beneficiaries of MSP.

No, govt is not doing any extra favor to farmers of Punjab, MSP was started only for green revolution states and MSP was one way to encourage farmers to grow more wheat when India used to take wheat in donation…

When I started my interview preparation a few months back, I realized mastering analytical functions was extremely important to get hired in any analytical firm.

I started looking for resources on the internet and realized there was hardly any organized data resource available. So I decided to write these functions down here just in case anyone is preparing for an interview.


I have a basic expectation that you are experienced in writing SQL queries. Before Moving to the functions let’s first talk about some basic concepts.

I assume you know the order of execution for SQL commands. In case you…

I have been working with data for the last 3 years, over the period of time lots have changed in the machine learning industry. What has not changed is the data preprocessing and cleaning. Surprisingly most of the practitioners are reluctant to work or learn that part.

Since I have been doing it almost every day, I have decided to write down the common steps and practices that I follow for the preprocessing of the data.

Loading Data

You can use any CSV of your choice. In our example, we will be using the data of employees and their absence hours. We…

In the last article, I shared the questions that I have been asked in the data analyst interviews first round, I wanted to write a second part since I have given a few more interviews in the last few days and was confounded by some really smart questions that I wanted to share/document.

If you are planning to pursue your career in any field even remotely close to data science, you must be strong with your SQL skills. I would personally recommend you to practice all these questions. …

Yesterday I got my yearly appraisal, while checking the numbers I was wondering if this salary is enough for me to survive on a rented apartment in Mumbai. So I decided to analyze the house rent and the different locations where I can find a place.

I downloaded the data from Kaggle, the data is scraped from a housing website.


I will do the analysis in tableau software. Most of my previous analyses are in Python where I manually code, but since I assume everyone has already learned the basics of analysis now we can move to the tableau.

House Price vs Locality

I call myself a data analyst and I do data analysis of real-life data mostly related to geopolitics, I’m also an expert in machine learning NLP and computer vision. Yet I have failed in the 5 data analyst interviews. Although I am a little disappointed, on the brighter side I have 5 experiences to analyze what went wrong for me and how others can clear data analyst interview learning from my experience.

Most students are oblivious of the fact that companies don’t care how many machine learning projects you have mentioned in your resume (let’s be honest everyone knows that…

In the last article we completed our face and distance detector, if you haven’t read the article, you can from here. I will write the complete code at the end of this article

Before completing our mask detector we will need to learn about some of the vital topics and which we will be using for our mask detector.

Some of the problem we face while image detection are

  1. Lack of data available for model training
  2. To train the model from scratch or not for our classification with labeled data.

For problem 1 we have Data augmentaion and for second…

Discipline is an immense issue with the majority of the Indian population. People are not willing to maintain social distancing or wear a mask while they are out. Most of us are careless about our mask hygiene leading to a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus in India killing lakhs.

Another issue is the police brutality in India and insensitivity among powerful people. Every day we read about a poor man beaten or even killed by police for not wearing a mask. In India, there is hardly a middle ground. …

With the procurement season ending in a day or 2, we have the data available about the total wheat that came for procurement as of now. This was a rough year for the government as well as farmers due to 3 farm bills bulldozed through the parliament by the ruling government. Some of the emotional farmers even destroyed their standing crop and few others decided to completely boycott the harvest.

This is why it was obligatory for me to check the procurement trends this year. …

The most important story in Indian media for the last 3 months was that of the Bengal elections since the Modi govt gave it all they had to win it. Despite their consistent efforts, they failed to even cross a 3 figure mark.


We shall analyze the election data. I have downloaded my data from this website.

All Candidates Data

We have downloaded the data, before starting the analysis I will try to understand the data better.

import pyforest

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