MSP and Punjab

MSP is the minimum cost price of a crop at which government agency FCI procures the crop from farmers. MSP is only given on wheat and rice, however it is declared for all 23 crops.

For the analysis we will only consider MSP of wheat and the farmers of Punjab because Punjab and Haryana farmers are main beneficiaries of MSP.

No, govt is not doing any extra favor to farmers of Punjab, MSP was started only for green revolution states and MSP was one way to encourage farmers to grow more wheat when India used to take wheat in donation…

The most important story in Indian media for the last 3 months was that of the Bengal elections since the Modi govt gave it all they had to win it. Despite their consistent efforts, they failed to even cross a 3 figure mark.


We shall analyze the election data. I have downloaded my data from this website.

All Candidates Data

We have downloaded the data, before starting the analysis I will try to understand the data better.

import pyforest

India has been pleading at the WTO against the vaccination patent along with South Africa for the last 6 months. Initially, it was rejected by all the rich countries But now Biden has also decided to free the vaccines, we might finally see the vaccines being produced for all countries by all countries.

Why is that so important? Because we will never be able to get rid of this deadly virus unless we vaccinate all. Indian catastrophe has taught the world that we are only safe when everyone else is safe. …

We all know India has been suffering from the agonizing pain of corona pandemic. Along with the second wave of virus, there is a wave of misinformation on social media. Out of desperation people are throwing wild allegations at each other blaming others for the second wave of the corona.

Without data and analysis, we cannot establish the fact and know what exactly triggered the second wave or was there any singular event that pushed it. I have downloaded the coronavirus data for India from Kaggle.

By Feb we had declared victory against COVID-19. On 2nd Feb in the parliament proceedings council ministers were inquired about the post-covid health infrastructure and how prepared were we for the next wave?

Rajya Sabha’s Answer

Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Choubey presented the answer to an unstarred question in Rajya sabha.

An Unstarred Question is one to which a written answer is desired by the member and is deemed to be laid on the Table of the House by the Minister. …

India is the most affected country by corona at the moment, Daily numbers are above 3.6 lakh and deaths are above 3k. It is important we keep looking at all the numbers closely so as to understand the impact and consequences of the second wave.

Data Analysis

I have collected data from Kaggle, it is scraped from covid19india. The zip file contains the data for Corona numbers, Corona testing, Corona vaccines.

Open the notebook, import all libraries.

import pyforest
import as px

Vaccination Data

The vaccination data have some rows in the state column with the state name as India, assuming that the…

In our last article, we analyzed the health infrastructure of India. Tamil Nadu was the top-performing state in India with the highest number of beds present in hospitals. So today I have decided to analyze how Tamil Nadu is handling the second wave and how prepared they are for the peak.

Active cases

Total Active cases in Tamil Nadu at the moment are more than 1 lakh, While more than 9 lakh have already recovered.

Covid struck India and caught us unprepared again. We all are witnessing the complete breakdown of Indian Healthcare infrastructure due to the 2nd wave. The entire nation is gasping for oxygen and looking for beds while we watch it helplessly. So I have decided to look into the Health Infra that we had and how prepared we were for this day.

Population Analysis

Before Analysing the medical infra of the country it is important to analyze the population of Indian states. I will download the population data of India from Kaggle.

Import pyforest
import as px

India is going through the worst of the corona at the moment and the vaccine progress has been sluggish. So I wanted to check how we are doing with vaccinations compared to other top nations.

Vaccine Progress

Let’s code, Download the data from Kaggle and open the Jupyter notebook. We have two files. 1 with vaccination data(country.csv) and another with vaccine data(countryman.csv).

import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline
matplotlib.rcParams['font.size'] = 14
matplotlib.rcParams['figure.figsize'] = (9, 5)
matplotlib.rcParams['figure.facecolor'] = '#00000000'
import pyforest

Yesterday the top trend on Twitter in India was #civilwarinpakistan. Then I read about France issuing a warning to its citizens via email to leave Pakistan immediately. While we have been occupied with corona second wave Total of 13 people have died in Pakistan so far, 1 cop, and 12 TLP workers. Pakistan govt is now pondering over the decision to ban the radical party.

Islamophobia in France

A few months back world was shocked to learn about the beheading of school teacher Sam patty. France reacted strongly to it and decided to stand firm behind the teacher and the blasphemy considering it…

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