MSP and Punjab

MSP is the minimum cost price of a crop at which government agency FCI procures the crop from farmers. MSP is only given on wheat and rice, however it is declared for all 23 crops.

For the analysis we will only consider MSP of wheat and the farmers of Punjab because Punjab and Haryana farmers are main beneficiaries of MSP.

No, govt is not doing any extra favor to farmers of Punjab, MSP was started only for green revolution states and MSP was one way to encourage farmers to grow more wheat when India used to take wheat in donation…

We started with IPL analysis in the first part. Now we can build up from there and move ahead to delve deeper into the batsman stats.

While we can analyze all batsmen using the same code, I will pick V. Kohli as a batsman to analyze.

Questions that we will cover in this one

  1. How Virat Kohli gets out.
  2. Bowlers who got him out the highest number of times.
  3. Overs in which Virat Kohli got out highest times.
  4. Balls of over on which Virat get out
  5. Virat scoring through boundaries
  6. Total runs scored by V Kohli
  7. Sixes against bowlers
  8. Sixes hit in the overs
  9. Virat Kohli in Eliminators

In the Sukma district of Chattisgarh state, 22 Indian soldiers were ambushed by PLGA. According to reports, Maoists were trying to disrupt a road construction near Silger-Jagargunda, Sukma district. The road jeopardizes their existence. The attack was lead by PLGA chief Madvi Hidma.

I wanted to analyze terrorism trends in India over the last 5 decades. So I have downloaded the global terrorism data(1972–2017) from Kaggle.

Data Analysis

Let us start by importing the CSV data to a data frame and display the top 5 records.

import pyforest

April is a festive time in India. IPL will kick off in less than a week, Being an avid IPL follower and Dream11 player, I wanted to analyze some of the historic data of IPL available on the internet.

This will be an introductory analysis and we will look into the basic IPL stats. Building up from here, in the next parts, we will find our best fit for the Dream11 team and win a lot of money.

Ever since Indian PM’s visit was announced, protests started in Bangladesh. Bangladesh parliament alleged that Pakistan was fuelling protests in Bangladesh by funding radical groups. Protests eventually turned violent when PM reached Bangladesh. More than 15 people have died in police firing, and 100s injured. Indian media has not covered it and Indians have no idea what’s happening. Most Indians think that India and Bangladesh are best friends.

Social Media Analysis

I saw a lot of activity on social media therefore decided to track what’s happening. I downloaded Tweets with 2 hashtags “#WHATSHAPPENINGBANGLADESH” first and “#BANGLADESHREJECTMODI” later. …

We have a Sunday morning and I have no idea how to waste my day, I should probably Netflix and chill. I’m not sure which one to watch, usually, I watch the first 5 minutes of the movie/series and then decide whether to continue or not. My conversion rate is below 5%. So I have decided to use the Kaggle Netflix dataset, analyze it and build a recommender system to find a movie suitable for me. Click here to download the Netflix dataset from Kaggle.

Netflix Data Analysis

I have downloaded the Dataset and I will start analyzing the dataset. …

Web Scraping – Towards AI — The Best of Tech, Science, and Engineering

Last night I was startled when I learned that 10 people were killed in what was another shooting incident in the USA. It was 2nd deadly shooting within a week. The world has hardly moved on from the brutal killing of 8 Asian workers in Atlanta. I opened my Twitter and read this,

Looking at the vaccine hesitancy which is prevalent in all parts of the world, I wanted to study the conspiracy theories floating around. what better place than Reddit to find the data.

Download the data from here.

This article will be mostly code, I am trying to cover the most important libraries required for text data analysis and this code as it is can be used for multiple text-related analysis.

My major motivation for the analysis is to find out the common conspiracy theories used by Anti-Vaxxers so as to raise some awareness. …

I had a discussion with my friends regarding Covid 2nd wave, we were discussing if age limits set by govt should be removed or not. I learned that a lot of vaccines are getting wasted and people are not showing up at hospitals. With the 2nd wave impending upon us, we all agreed we need to mass vaccinate.

Vaccine Progress VIZ

I decided to look up how states are doing with vaccination in India. I downloaded statewide data from the Ministry of Health, India website.

I will be using Tableau for the visualization.

The darker states are reeling behind in the vaccination drive…

A few days Back 14-year-old was beaten for allegedly entering into temple and drinking water. The perpetrator was rightly arrested immediately however, what followed on Twitter was disturbing which included a barrage of hateful hashtags against 14-year-old Asif and support for Yadav who was seen beating 14 years old in the video. So I decided to see who were the people behind this.

1.1 Analysis with Pandas

If you are not interested in the coding you can go straight to visualization part at the bottom, section 1.2 and see the analysis. However, if you are a data enthusiast you can stay.

I downloaded the…

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