Vaccine Progress and Death Ratio: Statewise in India

I had a discussion with my friends regarding Covid 2nd wave, we were discussing if age limits set by govt should be removed or not. I learned that a lot of vaccines are getting wasted and people are not showing up at hospitals. With the 2nd wave impending upon us, we all agreed we need to mass vaccinate.

Vaccine Progress VIZ

I decided to look up how states are doing with vaccination in India. I downloaded statewide data from the Ministry of Health, India website.

I will be using Tableau for the visualization.

The darker states are reeling behind in the vaccination drive. I have purposely kept the states with lesser vaccinations darker, to highlight the need to show urgency. However, we also need to keep in mind that larger states have a higher population hence, per million vaccination counts for larger states is also very low.

Among the bigger states, I find Punjab really concerning, the number is low when you compare it with other similar-sized states.

Death Ratio VIZ

I have downloaded the statewide death data and visualized it in tableau. Download the data from here.

I added 1 column in excel which was Death percentage (Total deaths/ Total cases).

I’m displaying the death percent in descending order this time. From the VIZ it is evident that 3 states with unusually high death ratio are Gujrat, Maharashtra, Punjab.

While for Maharashtra and Gujrat, it can be assumed that due to extremely high population density the cases and death rate is higher, Probably due to a shortage of nurses or medication services available(Doesn’t make a lot of sense though because U.P has the highest density while the Death ratio is among the lowest).

Population Density VIZ

Population Density India

I have used an already available(on the internet) Population Density VIZ for India. The highest density is in U.P, Bihar, Maharashtra.

If we take high density as a reason for the high mortality rate(Which is debatable and controversial) we will have to infer that Punjab and Gujrat have done really bad, and UP, Bihar have done really well.


However, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujrat are doing fine with the Vaccination drive while Punjab is really lagging behind. I hope the state will pick up the pace otherwise, we can conclude that Punjab has been the worst pandemic managed state in India.

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