What is happening in Bangladesh?

Ever since Indian PM’s visit was announced, protests started in Bangladesh. Bangladesh parliament alleged that Pakistan was fuelling protests in Bangladesh by funding radical groups. Protests eventually turned violent when PM reached Bangladesh. More than 15 people have died in police firing, and 100s injured. Indian media has not covered it and Indians have no idea what’s happening. Most Indians think that India and Bangladesh are best friends.

I saw a lot of activity on social media therefore decided to track what’s happening. I downloaded Tweets with 2 hashtags “#WHATSHAPPENINGBANGLADESH” first and “#BANGLADESHREJECTMODI” later. Let’s start with the data for the first hashtag.

import pyforest

I have downloaded the tweets for the first hashtag, there are two files. 1 is for tweets and the other is for user info. I will convert both files into a data frame and inner Join them on the Name column. Let us count the frequency of tweets per user.

df3= pd.merge(df1, df2, on='Name', how='inner')
df4=df3[["Text", "Name", "Screen Name_x", "Location"]]

What is BKYM? I don't understand Urdu so I cannot translate what’s written in the cover photo. 5th account Sakib is the one I have been following and sharing posts on my Instagram to narrate Hefazat’s side of the story.

Interesting to see that the account that made the highest tweets is also running a campaign for Kashmir. Let me check the location from where tweets were made.


This is intriguing, an overwhelming amount of tweets were made from Sindh in Pakistan. The capital of Sindh is Karachi.

I have downloaded the tweets for the second hashtag. Before I look into the tweets, Let’s look into some of the important insights.

BKYM is again the leader here in User mentions. They are leading the online protest. Most other accounts are from Pakistan as their name suggests.

Same set of queries will be used to merge two different set of files into 1 data frame called bf4 here.


Damn, It’s all coming from Pakistan. The second tweet had 90 percent of tweets coming from Pakistan.

Let me also verify the text of the tweets. And if they are spam messages or some genuine tweets with genuine messages.


While the on-ground protest is being led by radicals groups like Hefazat in Bangladesh, on social media I can track Pakistani footprints. However, because I am not on the ground I cannot infer anything about Bangladesh. Let’s be honest, we all know protesting is fine and justified but why would you get yourself killed for it? Why would you vandalize your own country for someone coming to visit for 2 days? Aren’t there other ways to show your displeasure?

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